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Our warehouses are strategically located for optimal shipping times throughout the USA. Based in California, we’ve built a global fulfillment center with facilities across the US servicing our clients and their complex distribution requirements. We are equipped with an efficient inventory and order management system, our focus is on European companies who want to expand to the United States and sell their products, online or offline, to American consumers and businesses

Worldwide Shipping ●  Expert Advice  ●  Special Pick and Pack ● Customized Service

Real-time monitoring

Gain maximum visibility into warehouse operations. You can be as involved as you need or leave all the operational aspects to us

E-commerce Warehousing and Inventory Management

We store and optimize your inventory and this allows you to focus on growing your business

General Warehousing and Storage

We can manage your bulk inventory, lot or serialized controlled inventories, if you have special requests on receiving and handling of your items we got you covered

Order Fulfillment - Pick and Pack

During our pick an pack process we use the system mobile barcode scanners to validate orders


Our system can easily integrate with all your selling-channels and carriers

Drop-ship and Crossdock to retailers and consumers

Nowadays drop-ship order fulfillment is important for businesses. We do it well and we do it fast

Product Returns Processing

We facilitate returns, we manage your order or product recalls or rejections

Rate-Shop Shipping

Find the lowest shipping rates. We have a free tool to compare best carrier rates for all your orders


We create process and inserts of brochures, flyers, stickers, etc. into any package


Customization with your company’s logo

Cutting-Edge Technology

Scan received products with a wireless mobile device

Time effective

Pick products, pack them, and ship them asap is our specialty

Inventory synchronization

Inventory information is up to date with the system. Track available quantity in our Warehouse

Client Support

You will have live support to answer all your questions on time. Avoid delays and unanswered tickets

E-commerce Specialists

Each client is different, we will create a process and business proposal to cover your needs

Start growing your business

Book a free meeting

We have experts who are happy to assist you. If you wish to learn more about inventory management, e-commerce, US market, fulfillment services and more. Make an appointment with us. Staff at FLFLAB will handle your inquiry confidentially. Give us an idea of what your request is and we can discuss this confidentially.

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