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FLFLAB is your specialist in e-commerce, parts, FBA, FBM and wholesale fulfillment.
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Connecting Continents
Our service team will guide you on both sides of the Atlantic.
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We safely store your products, processes incoming orders & prepare items for shipment.
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Simply send us your products. Once arrived we will control your replenishmen, count and inspect it for damages. This process is very important as we act on your behalf to make sure your shipment contains all ordered items in your purchase order placed by the manufacturer. Once the replenishment is closed we will move all inventory in shelves and bins, were it will show instantly as ready to sell in our software.


Real time Monitoring


While your inventory is on route to one of our Warehouse facilities, your dedicated account specialist will help you set up your account in our OMS software. Upload your inventory, connect your sale channels (i.e. Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart,...) and guide you on how to use our Software. YOU are in control of every item, move, order, return order shipment and charge. We act on your behalf ONLY. As we always strive to be the best service provider.



As soon as a customer places an order with you, or on any of your connected Sales Channels, we ship it with the pre-defined shipping method requested by you. We can set up auto rules i.e. to always choose cheapest option among all available carriers. If you request special packaging, branded boxes or tapes, inserts, perfumed silk paper or any other special request - we are happy to make your individual request a reality.


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About us

Give your brand or store the push it deserves

FLFlab is proud to be family owned while strategically located in Houston, Texas for optimal shipping times to both sides of the country.  We are well equipped with our “all in one” order, inventory and shipment management system (3pl Software), which we provide to all of our customers free of charge. We focus on European and U.S. based companies selling their products and or parts, online and or offline, to North American and European consumers and businesses.

the expertise area


Real-time monitoring

Gain maximum visibility into warehouse operations. You can be as involved as you need to be or leave all the operational aspects to us.

General Warehousing and Storage

We can manage your bulk inventory, lot or serialized controlled inventories, if you have special requests on receiving and handling of your items we got you covered

E-commerce Warehousing and Inventory Management

We work with our clients to strategically store and distribute their inventory at one of our Warehouses, to get all incoming orders to their customers as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Avoid “out of stock” and “dead inventory” with real-time inventory and stock management.


Our system can easily integrate with all your selling-channels and carriers.

Order Fulfillment - Pick and Pack

During our pick an pack process we use the system mobile barcode scanners to validate orders.

Automated B2B and Amazon FBA Services

Nowadays, B2B and FBA prep services are in high demand.
We offer ALL Prep Services Required by big Retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Saks &co to get you items ready to be sold.
Services include: Container unloading, Product QC, Labeling, Kitting, Bundling, Fragile, Repacking, OA, RA, FBA Removals, Label and Barcode Coverup, sourcing Parts and Packaging, building Pallets and everything else we forgot to mention here.

Product Returns Processing

We facilitate returns, we manage your order or product recalls or rejections. When receiving a product, we can scan different information such as batch number, lot number, serial number. We continue to track this information until the products are delivered to our customers. This information is stored in our WMS in case you need to recall products, verify rejections, or validate returns.



Flflab offers complete, customized solutions for all of your business storage, shipping, returns and needs.

Rate-Shop Shipping

Find the lowest shipping rates. We have a free tool to compare best carrier rates for all your orders


Our System allows us to create special procedures based on your individual needs.


Packing slip and shipping label customization with your company’s logo

Cutting-Edge Technology

All of our clients will be be required to work with the latest technology in communication and inventory control.

Inventory synchronization

Time effective

Incoming shipments get processed within 24 hours and orders received before carrier pick-up ship the same day.

Inventory synchronization

We synchronize all sale channels with your inventory in real-time to avoid over-selling.

Client Support

Our clients have live support using group chat, pins, calls and shared screen meetings within our communication platform provided to you free of charge! our Team can communicate in English, German and Spanish.

Special Service Reqirements

Each client is different, we love to work on your special request and try our best to accommodate any special requirement you may have.

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